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Officers and Board Members








Suzanne (“Sue”) Graul – President

I met Terry in 1998 when I moved to Reading from New England.  From the beginning, I noticed how unfazed Terry was with his disability—being strong, accepting challenges and working to help others live independently. During our marriage, I marveled every day at his optimism and ability to take on any adversity.  I have always felt honored to be Terry’s wife, and am now again honored to act as President of Terry’s Legacy. 

I currently reside in Massachusetts and work as an Office Manager and Sr. Admin. for the Archdiocese of Boston Office of Health and Social Services.  I have a daughter Lauren who lives in NH and a son Alex who lives in Long Island NY. I have three grandchildren and look after my mother who is 99!

Chuck Holder’s idea of creating a legacy in Terry’s name has taken almost 2 years to come to reality. I thank all the Board members and family who have supported this idea and have given so much of their time, skills, and ideas for Terry’s Legacy.  With family, friends and caring donors, I look forward to growing the Foundation and continuing Terry’s work for many years to come.





Lee Ann Graul, Treasurer

I first met Terry in 1976 when I started dating his brother Chris (we married in October 1980).  I enjoyed Terry’s company at many family gatherings—at the Grauls’ Hampden Blvd. home and at Terry’s Riverloft apartment, during family vacations in Stone Harbor and at many celebrations for our children (Terry's niece Amy and his nephew Ben) at our MD home.  I treasure my many memories of Terry and was deeply touched by his unconditional love for his family—especially toward Ben and Amy.  Terry was an amazing brother and uncle—and left us far too soon.

I am a RHS class of 1975 alum, and graduated from Millersville State College with a BA in French.  I earned an MBA from the University of Maryland/University College in 2006.  I retired in 2018 after a 40-year career in the U.S. Intelligence Community, having held positions as a language analyst, intelligence analyst, manager, and staff officer.  I currently work part-time for SixGen, Inc., a cybersecurity firm in Annapolis, MD, as a liaison officer and program manager.  In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, reading, cooking, traveling, hiking, walking our dog Sam, and spending time with Chris and especially with our three grandchildren in SC. Chris and I live in Bel Air, Maryland.

I am honored to support Terry’s Legacy as one of the founding board members and as its first Treasurer.

Therese Graul - Secretary

I first met Terry and the Graul family in October of 1971 when I was dating his brother Bob. The Graul’s, a large and welcoming family with a great sense of humor made me feel that I was part of something special.

I grew up in Reading and graduated from Reading Central Catholic in 1973 and then Alvernia College in 1978. Bob and I married in ’79 and moved to Houston, so Bob could get his law degree at the University of Houston and be closer to Terry.


This would be a life changing event and a great opportunity for me to get to know Terry. I will treasure the many memories of hanging out with Terry at his apartment, trips to Galveston and cooking on his hibachi.


Bob and I moved to San Antonio in 1983 and later had a beautiful daughter in 1991. Tess Brigida Nye is now an integral part of Terry’s legacy.

Through everything, Terry remained steadfast in staying independent. He was and always will be so very dear.









Tess Nye, Board Member

Terry was my uncle, my favorite one, and an incredible person with the greatest sense of humor and the biggest heart. I remember Terry coming to San Antonio while I was growing up. It didn’t take long for us to become best friends. Terry’s smile lit up the room, everyone liked him. After his accident, he never let anything stop him from living independently. He always kept learning and striving to be a better person, traits that I have tried to incorporate into my life. I have learned much from him, learned how to be proud of who I am, be genuine and always think of others before myself.

I was raised in San Antonio and graduated from Sul Ross State University in Alpine, TX with a degree in Criminal Justice. After graduation, I returned to San Antonio and resumed working at my father’s law office, as I had since I was eight. In 2018, I started employment with the United States Immigration Courts.

I look forward to continuing Terry’s Legacy for years to come. Together we can make a difference, just like Terry.







Charles (“Chuck”) Holder, Board Member

Terry and I met in the summer of 1971 at Reading High School football practice.  We had several classes together and were casual friends.  As fate would have it, in 1973, we ended up at Shippensburg State College in the same dorm on the same floor.  We were lab rats for the McCune experiment, the first coed dorm in SSC's history.  Through music, sports and good times we became fast friends   for close to fifty years.  Our friendship included our families and countless mutual friends and acquaintances.

From an early age, I believed the best opportunity to live life on one’s own terms was to own your own business.  Over the years I've started numerous businesses, been involved in several partnerships and continue to sit on board of directors and advisory boards for profit and non-profit entities.  I continue to work in my strategic business consulting firm and with Entrepreneurs Connection, a business group I started in 2008. I am dedicated to helping members improve who they are and what they do while advocating for community development. I am also a Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact. I have sponsored an American Legion baseball team in the Berks County American Legion Senior baseball league and served as Council President of Nativity Lutheran Church in Reading as Board member

As a member of Terry's Legacy there is one purpose.  That is to create a sustaining and scalable organization that truly celebrates, reflects and honors the life that Terry lived every day.  An uncompromising life bound by love and respect that simply was driven to do all the right things for all the right reasons. I am blessed and humbled to be a part of Terry's Legacy.    











Christopher (“Chris”) Graul, Board Member

My brother Terry was older than me by two years.   We both attended Reading High School (RHS) – I was in the class of 1975, he – 1973.  We played together on the RHS football team during his senior year.  We were very close growing up. Terry was always an inspiration to me, especially after his life-changing accident in 1976.  I marveled at his ability to handle adversity with tenacity and his unique sense of humor.  My fondest memories are how much he adored our kids, Amy and Ben – his kindness, his love, and his life-long interest in them.  It is the least I can do to be a founding board member, in honor of the innumerable ways that Terry worked to support the many individuals with disabilities in the Berks County Area.  Together, we will continue Terry’s legacy. 


I earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Alvernia University.  I retired in 2006 from the Baltimore City Police Department, having spent the bulk of my 25-year career as a detective in homicide, narcotics, and on DEA Task Forces.  I am currently a Fraud Manager with One Main Financial (OMF), serving as a member of OMF’s Enterprise Fraud Group located in Baltimore, MD. 


Lee and I live in Bel Air, Maryland.  Our daughter Amy, married to Aaron Lucas, and our three grandchildren live in Summerville, SC.  “Dr. Amy” is a Physical Therapist, Neuro Certified Specialist, and is certified in LSVT-BIG (a treatment protocol for Parkinson’s Disease). She works primarily with the stroke, spinal cord injury, and brain injury populations at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital in Charleston, SC. Our son Ben is a graduate of Towson University.  He is a case manager at Ashley Treatment and lives nearby in Bel Air.  











Robert (“Bob”) Graul, Jr. – Board Member

Terry was my younger brother, by 374 days. Growing up, there was always something special about Terry. Sharp dresser, quick wit and a caring soul. Maybe it was the way we were raised but we were taught that it was always important to show respect for others and to give back to the community. Early on, it was volunteer work as a Boy Scout, later, building nonprofit organizations like Abilities in Motion to help others live independently. Throughout Terry’s life he inspired me and many others. Terry’s Legacy is my opportunity along with others to carry on his Legacy.

I currently live in Port Angeles, WA with my wife, Therese (O’Connor). We are both graduates of Reading Central High School and Alvernia University. We moved to Houston in 1979 where I attended the UH Law School. I practiced law in San Antonio, Texas for thirty-five (35) years primarily family law and representing children in child neglect cases. Our daughter, Tess Brigida Nye, lives in San Antonio, TX. I still practice law in Texas but spend most of my time now as a Child Advocate for the courts and hiking the Pacific Northwest mountains and beaches.












Mary Galczynski, Board Member

I am one of Terry’s nieces - Mary.  Terry’s accident happened years before I was born.  Growing up, I watched my uncle live an independent life, never seeing his wheelchair as a restriction to hold him back. Witnessing his experiences showed me early on in life that disabilities do not define a person or what their life could be; and that given the right support, they can have the life they dream of.

In 2011, I graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelor’s degree in business management.  While in school, I had the opportunity to intern at Abilities in Motion, the non-profit organization which assists the disabled community in Berks County, and where Terry was President. 


Being a part of Terry’s Legacy is a privilege.  Terry was my champion, and I am honored to be able to continue his efforts in helping those with disabilities live as independently as possible.













Charles (“CJ”) Lloyd, Board Member

Terry Graul, or as I referred to him “Uncle Terry,” was my Godfather.  For as long as I can remember, he was one of my father’s lifelong best friends. Uncle Terry was one of the only people to call me “CJ,” and to this day it’s still one of my favorite nicknames - reminding me of Terry.  He was a constant in our lives; from coming to my sporting events, spending time at our house, taking him Communion with my dad, and coming to family parties. He was always there for us.


I’m honored to be a member of the board for Terry’s Legacy.  As a member of the board, I bring experience with social media, digital content, branding and building professional networks.  Currently, I am a Relationship Manager at LinkedIn for their Sales Solutions line of business and am based out of the New York City office in the Empire State Building.   With Uncle Terry’s inspiration, I’ve developed a passion for continued growth physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  


Being a member of the board, I’m looking forward to continuing to spread the legacy that Uncle Terry has left behind.  I’ll use this position to inspire others to improve the lives of those with disabilities.  I’m hopeful to have a positive impact on the many people who Terry spent his time giving back to. 













Dennis Marburger, Board Member

I met Terry in 1972, on the football field at Reading Senior High School, when Terry was a senior and I was a freshman.  Becoming very close friends with Terry’s younger brother Chris, I became a staple at the Graul household. When Terry had his accident in 1976, I was spending a number of days each week at the Graul’s.  Watching Terry go through the painstaking process of learning to be independent was astonishing.  Seeing Terry learn to lay on the floor, attach his braces to his legs, then use his crutches to get up into a standing position, gave me a whole new respect for the tenacity and courage that Terry had within him.  In the beginning, Terry would routinely face plant onto the floor while trying to get up!  But it seemed to fuel his desire to do it again… so he could stand on his own two feet!

I spent most of my career in retail management positions, from store manager to VP of Retail.  I was responsible for all the local training and development of his staff in most of the positions I held.  My teams came in First Place in two different yearlong NATIONAL sales contests, one from a Fortune 50 and one from a Fortune 100 Company!  The largest P&L I oversaw was @ $37,500,000. More recently, I served for a number of years as a SCORE Mentor and on the Leadership Team of Susquehanna SCORE, being a mentor to entrepreneurs and business owners.  I am currently a Regional Director of 1631 Digital, a high-level digital marketing company, and am President of the Southern York County Business Association.   

I am PROUD to have been able to call Terry Graul my friend!









David Riggs, Board Member

I joined the Board of Directors for Terry’s Legacy when asked by Dennis Marburger, who knew Terry well. Dennis knew I had vast experience working with non-profits owning a local accounting firm for 35 years and being a SCORE mentor to new businesses. I am also webmaster and will be managing the website for Terry’s Legacy. Most significantly, I sit on the Board of the Center for Independent Living in York, Pa.

I have a passion for helping those in the community. I was born with Arthrogryposis (AMC), having 71 surgeries over the years.  Being a person with a disability has not prevented me from doing what I want to accomplish in life.

In my spare time I enjoy smoking ribs and am a grill master. I also have a passion for hot rods and muscle cars.











Kevin Rudy, Board Member

I got to know Terry while attending Reading High School. I played football with Terry’s brother Chris. I graduated from RHS in 1976 with Bridget Graul, Terry’s sister. I spent a lot of time on Hampden Blvd. with the Graul family. Terry was Terry and always knew how to crank up the crowd. There were many nights you could hear the laughter all the way down the street from the Graul’s and you knew Terry was the one behind the good times.

I am a graduate of Alvernia University and was employed with the Reading Police Department for 20 years, retiring as a Sargent. I then started my second career with Penn State University, retiring in 2019 as District Commander of the Southeastern District. I am married to Carmela (Bilotta) Rudy and have two daughters and four grandchildren.


I serve on the Board of Directors for the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA), the Reading Police Beneficial Association and as the chairperson for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #71 Awards Committee that recognizes Berks County police officers. It is my honor to also serve as a board member for Terry’s Legacy working towards helping others live full and independent lives.

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